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Major announcements pertaining to the IUS Community will be posted on this page from time to time.

RaspberryPi Packaging

Jeffrey Ness @ April 1st 2013


The IUS Community is happy to announce we’ve just received our new infrastructure, and are preparing to begin packaging Enterprise Linux packages for the RaspberryPi platform.

I know what you may be thinking, who uses RaspberryPi as a hardware platform for Enterprise Linux? Well we at the IUS Community believe this miniature hardware may be the future of running large scale applications.

SD cards now days are upwards to tens if not hundreds of megabytes, once Enterprise Linux is loaded this will leave you multiple megabytes to store your databases and applications.

Stay tuned for more information on this miniature news!

CentOS Packages in IUS Community Repositories

Jeffrey Ness @ March 25th 2013

With the addition of libjpeg-turb by Redhat RHEA-2013:0422 and the fact that CentOS is not always inline with the current Redhat release, IUS Community has decided to build CentOS packages along side the existing Redhat Enterprise Linux packages.

These packages can be viewed in the existing repositories along side their Redhat counterparts:

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